PantiesBid is an online bidding site where you can make bids for real lingerie worn by real girls. Currently models from the white collection are up for bidding in case of every girl, but later panties of different colours will also be available.
To make a bid, you need to register and log in. Registration is completely anonymous. If you win an auction, we need data for delivery and invoicing (these will not be available publicly on the site), other than that you only need the username and password you selected to use the site. After logging in, use the “Bid” button on the data sheet of the lingerie(s) of your choice to make a bid with the current bid value. You can also start an automated bidding for up to 10 steps, in this case the system will automatically make bids for you for the lingerie(s) of your choice, in as many steps as you have approved.
If you win an auction, you will receive a notification to the e-mail address you provided. After that, you have 48 hours to log in on the site with the username and password you selected and finalize your purchase. After a successful purchase, we will send you the lingerie you won.
After winning a bid, you have 48 hours to pay for the item, either with an online PayPal transaction or a card payment through PayPal.
The lingerie will be delivered to you by a carrier after a successful PayPal payment. The carrier will give you the lingerie in a discreet package, in an envelope with the logo of our parent company, WinnerBidder.

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